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UN-COALER® Reclaimer / Feeder

General Kinematics UN-COALER® combines material activation and two feeders into a single, compact, high performance vibratory unit. Rather than the bulk and expense of separate bin activator and feeder machines, the UN-COALER combines activation and feeding functions into a single unit. And with far superior results:

  • Maximum material drawdown without flushing, compacting, or manual manipulation.
  • Elimination of ratholing, bridging, and segregation.
  • Eliminates need for impact idlers at loading point.
  • Uniform and centered belt loading to prevent belt tracking problems.
  • Less expensive installation costs. Simplified concrete work, elimination of costly feeder skirts, flow and shutoff gates.
  • Dramatic headroom savings.
  • Dependable, proven vibratory operation with fixed or infinitely variable feed rates.
  • Simplified hopper design with easy, straight line dust sealing.
  • Complete service access from the tunnel.
  • Versatile control options and automated operation for selective reclaiming, or variable feed rates.
  • Accommodation of hopper openings from 4 ft. square to 17 ft. square, providing wide capabilities in reclaim volume.
  • Exceptional overall cost savings.

How UN-COALER works

The UN-COALER is designed to perform three distinct operations... activation, feeding, and centralised belt loading... all simultaneously, and through the same machine.

Pile Activation
The archbreaker section of the UN-COALER is contoured with a dome or wedge shape to provide proper pile activation. In operation, horizontal vibration of the archbreaker imparts motion to the headload, energising the material above in a radiating cone pattern.

Twin Flow Discharge
Material enters the UN-COALER on both sides of the archbreaker, dropping into the curved feeder troughs below. Vibratory action and geometry of the troughs maintains a uniform material flow, even with lignite or other sluggish materials with high particle friction.

Belt Loading
Material from the feeder troughs is released directly over the belt centreline through a transverse slot running the full length of the UN-COALER. Load uniformity on the belt eliminates tracking problems.


The construction of the UN-COALER activator/feeder consists of a square or rectangular box structure with two symmetrical “feeder” pans in combination with a center dome.The geometry of the material flow path is similar to the requirements for open pan feeders. The centre dome is part of the box structure and functions as a pile activator or vibrating hopper bottom which produces a vibratory action to the material to reduce arching and induce the flow from the storage pile.

The entire assembly is vibrated horizontally by the natural frequency drive mechanism identical in design to a coil spring feeder drive.

The bottom slot opening feeds the material to the belt to deposit the bulk material symmetrically and centrally to develop an ideal belt loading situation. Sealing is simple and complete with installation of seals.

The UN-COALER activator / feeder when applied to any type of bulk material storage systems will increase the amount of reclaimable live storage. It is especially advantageous when used with sluggish, hard to handle ores, lignite coal, and other materials with high particle friction or a poor natural angle of repose. Standard sized units are available up to 17 X 17 inch openings with feed rates up to 3,000 tph. Large openings mean fewer units are required to achieve the same amount of live reclaim. Compact low profile deisgn also reduces tunnel depth, significantly reducing construction costs.
Rectangular shapes allows simple hopper design without the need for an expensive circular transition piece between hopper and activator. UN-COALER mounts on a separate support.

Each UN-COALER is foot mounted on isolation springs thus the tunnel roof does not have to be designed to withstand the weight of the unit or any dynamic forces. Automated control systems arranged to respond to belt scale, load cell, or computer signals, allow individual or multiple unit control of the UN-COALER for selective reclaiming from virtually any point or combination of points along the tunnel.
The low profile design of the UN-COALER reduces the cost of foundation excavation since the tunnel does not have to be as deep. Straight-line surfaces eliminate elaborate concrete forming. The few moving mechanical parts of the UN-COALER are easily accessible from the tunnel to minimize maintenance procedures.


  • Large vibrating openings, up to 17 x 17 feet, permit large hopper discharge openings for greater drawdown volume.
  • Compact, low profile design reduces tunnel depth for a substantial savings in foundation cost.
  • Fixed or variable feed rate design permits continuous operation to assure uniform feed to reclaim conveyor.
  • Unit mounts directly above belt conveyor and evenly distributes material to eliminate belt tracking problems.
  • Few moving mechanical parts are easily maintained from the tunnel.
  • The entire UN-COALER is mounted below grade.
  • Rectangular shape with straight-line surfaces greatly simplify hopper design, dust and connections, and concrete work.